Much of what we’ve seen happen over the past 18 months has been an unbalanced response which has crippled the people of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, and Canadians as a whole. Our country’s economy has been decimated and our local issues have swelled to the top. I believe all of the principles laid out in our Party’s platform is exactly what the country needs, especially in this critical time. That’s why if elected as a member of Parliament, my vision is to focus on these three pillars for our riding: 

1) Rebuilding the economy by reducing taxes on families and small businesses.
As I mentioned in the beginning, the past 18 months have decimated our nation’s economy, and the finances of the vast majority of Canadians. Putting more money in the pockets of Canada’s people by lowering taxes is what families need to make those extra purchases they need; businesses to retain or hire new employees, and our economy to be organically stimulated – without debt financing which ultimately needs to be paid back in higher taxes. To which I will always say no to higher taxes, and yes to lower tax rates.

2) Bringing Canada back to normal. Reopening our economy, our society, and our celebration of life.
Not only has our economy been decimated, but our civil liberties have been trampled on against our wills and the constitutional freedoms given to us in Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms. Families have been forced to be apart for too long, businesses and social gatherings have been forced to close, or “limit attendance”, and slowly the government has started to over-reach and dampen the quality of life of our citizens to that of a socialist country at times.This is why I will fight from day one to return to normal, a true normal, to where we can once again celebrate life and not be tied to fear. This is Canada, and I will fight to make sure we stay glorious and free in both our riding, and the nation.

3) Rejecting the politics of racism and identity politics, by promoting the unity of all Canadians.
What we’ve seen from the Liberals, has been the promotion of identity politics that is nearly always spearheaded by racism. This cultural divide is toxic and rampant, and at its worst leads to a hatred of our country by not allowing the common values that unite us all as Canadians (freedom, love and respect for others, hard work, family, our Canadian heritage) to be celebrated. And it’s only when we unite that we are truly stronger as a nation. That’s why I will stand for our values and be a strong voice for unity in our riding and our nation.